Visit to Latvia helps the Kyrgyz Probation Department to introduce new methods of work

The joint European Union in Kyrgyzstan (EU) - UNODC - United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) project on supporting the Justice Sector Reform in the Kyrgyz Republic: Advancing Probation and Integrated Justice Information #JUST4ALL organized an exchange visit of five officials of the Probation Department to the Republic of Latvia on 21-25 November 2022.


Mr. Daniyar Moldokul uulu, Deputy Director of the Probation Department under the Ministry of Justice of the Kyrgyz Republic, thanked UNODC for having organized the study visit and highlighted the readiness of the Probation Department to apply the acquired knowledge and best practices.

During the mission, the Kyrgyz delegation learned the best practices of Latvian Probation Service on probation supervision, implementation of rehabilitation and reintegration programmes, community works, preparation of pre-sentence and parole reports as well as mediation process and mentorship.


Ms. Sanita Jakuseva, Head of Mediation and Public Involvement Coordination department noted during the meeting with the delegation: “Mediation is one of the elements of restorative justice and a way to work with a person found guilty by a court, but in respect of which the punishment is replaced by probation. This method of influence on persons guilty of committing crimes and the types of crimes that involve the use of probation to convicted persons are considered. The probation process itself, the analysis of scientific sources and statistical materials help the participation of convicted persons in restorative justice programs and the ability of such programs to build social functioning skills”.

The delegation also participated at a practical exercise on shadowing in communication and monitoring of probation clients. The participants visited several social service centers and learned best experience on cooperation and implementation of probation supervision.


Ms. Iveta Vilcane, Head of the SPS Latgale’s Regional Structural Unit noted that probation officers serve an essential function in the criminal justice system, monitoring offenders placed on probation. They help set rehabilitation plans and meet with the offenders to ensure they're following the rules of their probation and that they aren't a safety threat to the community. Shadowing a probation officer helps managers see first-hand what the job entails while enabling to ask questions to see if the job's right for a person.

As a result of the visit, the officials of the Probation Department obtained knowledge, experience and strategic vision on development of probation institute in Kyrgyzstan. To strengthen the further cooperation, it was agreed to sign a Memorandum of Understanding between the Kyrgyz and Latvian Probation Services.



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