Voices of Women in Police call for Gender Equality in Kyrgyzstan

High female representation in internal affairs bodies is an important component of effective police work in combating violence against women. Some women victims of violence feel more comfortable sharing their experience with a female police officer considering the sensitivity of gender-based violence, trauma, and fear of stigmatization.

To highlight the importance of this visibility, we are sharing the experiences of several officers of the internal affairs bodies below.

 “A woman in the police, today this phrase is becoming widespread and indeed, we can say that there is not a single structure of the Ministry of Internal Affairs where there are no women. But today, in a post-pandemic period, when there has been an increase in domestic violence, women police officers are especially in demand in structures that are engaged in the prevention of domestic violence and the fight against domestic violence. In this regard, we have held meetings at municipalities level with young people, with schoolchildren which were attended by female employees of the internal affairs bodies. They spoke of the prevention of domestic violence in our country. It is easier for a woman who is a victim of domestic violence to open up to a police officer, so it is necessary to increase the number of female employees in the internal affairs bodies”.

Kaana Aydarkul,

Colonel, Head of the association of women police officers of the Kyrgyz Republic

 “The role of women's representation is necessary in the internal affairs bodies in the fight and prevention of gender and family violence. Internal affairs bodies are providing comprehensive support to female employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in this regard”.

Azamat Abdrakhmanov,

Colonel, lecturer at the Academy of the Ministry of internal affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic

“Currently, we can find more women representation across different profession. But there are still a few professions that are male dominated, including in law enforcement agencies. More and more, both colleagues and citizens of our country are coming to understand that a policewoman serves more than just for representation but provides high quality work equal to its counterpart. Women, first of all, need support from other women, so we must support equality of gender representation in the internal affairs bodies”.

Nurzhal Adylova,

Colonel, head of the Juvenile affairs department of the Public security service

of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic

“Women police officers play a great role in countering gender-based violence as a lot of women and children survivors feel that a female officers will be able to understand and empathize better thus providing quality assistance for them. Women police officers, along with their male colleagues, are making an enormous contribution to this area of ​​work. And the 10th anniversary of the Kyrgyz Association of women police officers testifies to the fact that at such a high level, women are solving this problem together".

Gulmira Baratova,

Colonel, head of the Monitoring center of the Directorate

general of Public safety of road traffic of the Kyrgyz Republic

 “Many people thought that a woman in the police is something impossible! But this is not the case! Many believed that women are not fit for work in law enforcement agencies due to the grueling physical training, endurance needed, psychological and moral stress, in addition to the irregular working hours. However, in practice we have seen that the presence of women in internal affairs bodies resulted in positive outcomes. The presence of a female employee of the internal affairs agencies is very useful in cases where women or children are victims. We see that the victims trust these officers more than their male counterparts which made it easier for us to get to the heart of the incident."

Bermet Temirbaeva,

Colonel, chief of the General staff of the Talas regional department

of Internal affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic

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