The National Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan against economic and corruption crime (the Financial Police), UNODC and UNDP joined together this year in running a broad anti-corruption awareness raising campaign in Kazakhstan. It included the essay contest for more that 50 school and first-year university students in Astana, production and broadcasting of video spots in Kazakh and Russian languages on the main national TV channels to illustrate that people have the power to say NO to corruption.

Please see below links to the video spots (in Russian language)

On 9 December, the telephone mobile network joined the campaign by sending SMS to all mobile phone holders in Kazakhstan with information on the International Day against corruption and the telephone hot line of the Financial Police to report corruption cases.

The same day the Head of the Financial Police of the Republic of Kazakhstan organized a briefing for the Mass Media to inform on the International anti-corruption campaign and on the achievements that the Financial Police has made in 2009.


"Fighting corruption is our common duty"


UNDP Kazakhstan jointly with the UN Office on Drugs and Crimes conducted an essay contest for more than 50 schools and first-year-university students of Astana. Under the topic "Fighting corruption is our common duty" the contestants were encouraged to share their visions and perceptions of dangers of corruption and come up with ideas and recommendations on how to tackle best this issue.

The call for essays was announced in mass media in the beginning of November 2009. The established Evaluation Board consisted of representatives of Public Council for Fight Against Corruption, Agency for Fighting Economic and Corruption Crimes, Civil Service Agency, Ministry of Justice, Prosecutor General's office, Accounting Committee, UNDP and UNODC
The essays were received and judged by the Selection Board against four main criteria: elaboration, analytical content, own thoughts and ideas, conclusions and recommendations. All 52 participants received certificates and gifts from the prganizing party. Six school pupils and 6 students were awarded laptops, digital cameras and printers as a prize bounty. The winner among the high school students was Kazbek Zhangaziyev from the Secondary School №25, Yana Zelenskaya from Secondary School №32 and Saltanat Kozbagarova from School Liceum №50 were ranked second, Dinara Nurkina from Secondary School №38, Chingiz Kairliyev and Kseniya Kuznetsova from Secondary School №27 received third place awards.
The rigorous competition was among the University students. The first prize winner with a little margin was announced Sanjar Razbayev, Law Student from Kazakh State Law University. Gulshara Yesengulova from the Eurasian National University and Malika Akhmetova from Kazakh State Law University were rated second by the Evaluation Board. Third place was split between Liliya Blazheevskaya from the Innovation Technology College, Aydana Shynbolatova from Kazakh Agricultural University and Daniyar Baygarayev from the Eurasian National University.
Overall Evaluation Board members noted that there had been many interesting and innovative proposals to make anticorruption efforts of the society efficient and transparent and the students displayed very good knowledge of