New Youth Affairs Agency of Uzbekistan and UNODC discussed youth strategies for 2020-2025

The Youth Affairs Agency of Uzbekistan was established in accordance with the Presidential Decree dated 30 June this year.  The Youth Affairs Agency is a government body for the development and implementation of state youth policy, systematic implementation of socio-economic, organizational and legal measures aimed at creating conditions for the development of intellectual, creative potential and potential of youth in other areas. The newly established Youth Affairs Agency has taken over some part of the previous mandate of Youth Union, including the cooperation with UNODC Regional Office for Central Asia within Joint UN projects.  

To discuss potential joint youth programmes, Ms. Ashita Mittal, the UNODC Regional Representative to Central Asia, and Mr. Alisher Sadullayev, the Director of the Youth Affairs Agency, met on 27 August 2020. During the meeting, parties summarized the achievements of cooperation between UNODC and Youth Union in 2018-2020; defined strategic directions and implementation of activities under UN Joint Project “Youth for social harmony in Fergana Valley” supported by UN Peacebuilding Fund for 2020-2021. Ms. Ashita Mittal confirmed UNODC’s commitment to supporting the implementation of the national concept “Youth of Uzbekistan - 2025” within the scope of UNODC’s mandate with a focus on cybercrime and crime prevention.

Ms. Ashita Mittal congratulated Mr. Alisher Sadullayev with his new assignment and highlighted: “I am very glad that we established this cooperation with the Youth Affairs Agency, where we – UN entities – could support the implementation of the country’s youth policy, by introducing life skills, civic engagement and social cohesion for sustainable development and peace in Uzbekistan”.

In his turn, the Director of Youth Affairs Agency, Mr. Alisher Sadullayev stated: “More than half of Uzbekistan’s population is young people, and it is an enormous commitment to undertake the development youth strategy for the country. We hope that UNODC will support us to fulfil this important and responsible task.”

Youth Affairs Agency is the main partner of the Joint UNDP-UNODC-UNESCO youth project, which aims to uphold community resilience by empowering youth as actors of positive change, increasing their opportunities for self-fulfilment and piloting new models for the government to deliver reform and services in the Fergana Valley.

At the end of the meeting, both parties expressed hope for the fruitful cooperation for the sake of future well-educated and healthy generation, free of crime and drugs.


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