Zero Discrimination

UNODC Regional Office for Central Asia joins the ‪‎Zero Discrimination campaign and ‪‎Stand Out for the right to respect and dignity of all!

On 1 March, people around the world together celebrated Zero Discrimination Day. This year's theme is Stand Out and encourages everyone to stand for fair and just societies.

Discrimination remains widespread-gender, nationality, age, ethnic origin, sexual orientation or religion can all unfortunately be the basis for some form of discrimination.

"When the most marginalized and vulnerable face discrimination and abuse, all of us are diminished," said United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. "The United Nations is strongly committed to upholding human rights and dignity for all."

On this year's Zero Discrimination Day, people are being urged to value and embrace diversity and recognize the diverse set of talents and skills that each person brings-talents that enrich society and strengthen communities. Welcoming diversity in all its forms reinforces social cohesion and brings valuable benefits to societies around the world.