UNODC ROCA needs your ideas!

Help change the world by submitting your videos devoted to the World Drug Day celebrated each year on 26 June. 

📌The video can cover one or more of following goals and objectives:
- drawing attention to the problem of drug addiction;
- promotion of a healthy lifestyle;
- Impact of drugs on health of youth;
- what youth can do change the situation. 

Your video could be displayed at the official website and social media of UNODC ROCA.

📌Submit your work at

Win special prizes from UNODC!
1st place – smartphone;
2nd place – smart watch;
3rd place – branded gifts from UNODC.

• The video should be not more than 1 minute;
• The size should be not more than 250 Mb;
• Cover one or more goals listed above;
• Videos should respect and be in line with copyright of other authors.

 📌PARTICIPANTS. The competition is held among young people aged 14-20 years. Both individual and collective works are accepted (mandatory indication of the responsible person).

The competition jury evaluates the videos, which is carried out according to the following criteria:
Сompliance with the declared topic;
Creativity of the video (novelty of the idea, originality);
Informational content;
Aesthetic qualities.

Please submit your competitive works until June 23, 2022 (inclusive). The announcement of the results of the Competition will take place on 28 June 2022.

Версия на русском языке


Should you have any question, please contact:

Ms. Arifa Fatikhova

Communication and External Relations Officer

UNODC Regional Office for Central Asia

Email: arifa.fatikhova[at]