On-line Directory of Competent National Authorities under the United Nations Convention Against Corruption

The online directory of UNCAC competent national authorities allows an easy access to the contact information of competent national authorities designated under the United Nations Convention against Corruption.

The directory contains the contact information of authorities authorized to receive, respond to and process requests for:

  • Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters (Central Authority for Mutual Legal Assistance)
  • Extradition (Central Authority for Extradition)
  • Asset Recovery (Asset Recovery Focal Point)
  • Prevention of Corruption (Prevention Authority)
  • Cooperation in the Use of Civil and Administrative Proceedings Relating to Corruption (Focal Point for International Cooperation in the Use of Civil and Administrative Proceedings)

With a view to facilitate communication and enhance trust and cooperation among competent authorities at the interregional level, the directory contains essential information on:

  • Areas of assistance provided by prevention authorities
  • Legal and procedural requirements to be observed in requests
  • Use of the United Nations Convention against Corruption as the legal basis for requests
  • Links to national laws and websites
  • Indication of requests that can be made through Interpol
  • State membership in existing asset recovery networks

The online directory is available to competent authorities and government agencies with a user account.

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