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UNODC encourages people and institutions to get involved in the pro-health campaign. Everyone is invited to join and can contribute in their own way.

Young people are twice as likely as adults to take drugs. The first step in any prevention activity is to get the facts about drugs. Tools on how to prevent drug use or treat drug dependence are also available for young people, the general public and practitioners.

To support local participation, we have developed promotional tools that are available free-of-charge. These include a logo package in different languages and formats, web banners, a brochures and fact sheets. Social media tools, such as Facebook, Flickr and Twitter also give you a chance to participate in the global campaign.


Join the World Drug Campaign Facebook Page using your personal or corporate account. Tell your friends and colleagues about it, too. Together we can make a difference! Support the global pro-health campaign in your online community.


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