Create your own course


The "Print list" functionality - available to registered users - supports lecturers in making the most of the diverse content of the nine E4J University Module Series.

The functionality allows you to:

  • Select exactly those elements of the university modules which are relevant to your teaching needs and collate them in customized lists.
  • Place either entire modules or individual pages of modules across thematic areas in your personalized dashboard.
  • Tailor the lists by adding or removing elements any time: whenever you sign in to the E4J website, you can return to your dashboard and continue to build your course.
  • Generate text documents from these lists which can be saved on your PC or printed.

In case you have not yet registered yourself on the E4J website, please complete the registration form here:


Get started

  • Find modules relevant to you under the topics below


  • Access the "Print list" functionality from any page of any university module by clicking on "Create your own course"


  • Follow the step-by-step video or printable guide to find out how to work with the "Print list" functionality



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