This module is a resource for lecturers  




This Module examines methods and approaches to strengthening integrity in the public sector. It is designed to be used by lecturers who wish to introduce students to the importance of public service integrity and the ways in which public organizations can promote ethical working environments. The Module explores the concept of integrity management in the public sector. It also discusses other ethical frameworks that apply to public organizations, such as codes of ethics and codes of conduct. After highlighting the importance of integrity in the public sector - or public integrity - the Module focuses on two main ideas. The first idea is that ethical behaviour is driven by both external and internal incentives. Therefore, establishing ethical public organizations requires processes that reach stakeholders' minds and hearts. The second idea examined in the Module is that strengthening the integrity of public organizations requires working in parallel on personal ethics, organizational culture, and management systems. The discussions build on the concepts elaborated in E4J Integrity and Ethics Module 1 (Introduction and Conceptual Frameworks) and Module 14 (Professional Ethics). Going beyond theoretical and conceptual explanations, the Module includes interactive exercises that help students reach a deeper understanding of the issues.

The Module is a resource for lecturers. It provides an outline for a three-hour class but can be used for shorter or longer sessions, or extended into a full-fledged course (see: Guidelines to develop a stand-alone course).


Learning outcomes

  • Understand the key instruments for strengthening public integrity and ethics and the processes of integrity management in public organizations
  • Appreciate the challenges involved in strengthening integrity and ethics in the public service
  • Analyse codes of ethics as specific sets of public values and action principles, and understand the interdependence of the values
  • Evaluate and analyse public service scenarios and understand how to identify and manage the risk of integrity breaches


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