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Student assessment


This section provides suggestions for a post-class assignment for the purpose of assessing the students' understanding of the Module. Suggestions for pre-class or in-class assignments are provided in the Exercises section. The following post-class assignment is proposed:

Part 1: Develop a brief case study describing a specific workplace values conflict from your own experience, or a situation that you have witnessed or read about (approximately 1-2 pages long).

Part 2: Provide an action plan or script for acting on your values effectively (approximately 7 pages long).

Part 1 lays out the situation. This should be a brief description of an occasion when your values conflicted with what you were asked to do in the workplace or similar setting. You are also free to use other contexts, including internships, class working teams, summer jobs, or other situations relevant to emerging or current business professionals. All names of individuals and of organizations should be disguised. This case study should end at the point where the protagonist knows what he or she believes is the right and ethical thing to do but is wondering how to get it done; what to say; to whom; in what sequence; how to respond to objections; what data is needed to make one's point; etc. Include enough detail so that someone reading the case would be able to generate ideas and suggestions about how the protagonist might proceed.

Part 2 includes a short follow-up case which explains what happened (approximately 1 page) and the action plan or script for acting on your values (approximately 6 pages). When describing what happened, please indicate whether the protagonist found a way to voice and act on their values effectively, and provide as much detail as you can about what they said and did and why/how it worked. If the protagonist did not find a way to voice and act on their values, offer any insights you can into what they learned from the situation, and especially how they might have successfully enacted their values and how they might be able to change the outcome in the future.

The action plan or script should provide answers to the following questions:

  1. What is the values-based position that the protagonist (you) wants to take?
  2. What is at risk or at stake for all affected parties, including the protagonist?
  3. What are the main arguments or objections that the protagonist is trying to counter? That is, what are the "Reasons and Rationalizations" that the protagonist needs to address?
  4. What are the most powerful responses to these "Reasons and Rationalizations"?
  5. What will be the most effective approach/action plan for the protagonist to act on their values? What data do they need to gather? Whom do they need to speak to? In what sequence? How will they respond to objections? Will they do this alone or do they need to gather allies? Will this be a single action or will they need to develop a longer-term strategy?

Be sure to consider what information and research may be needed to design the most well-reasoned and persuasive approach. There are many resources available for free download which can provide guidance: for example, "Scripts and Skills Readings" and "Ways of Thinking about Values in the Workplace."

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