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UNODC’s current support to the Government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia is guided by the National Plan of Action (2019-2021), which is also aligned with the Regional Programme for Eastern Africa “Promoting the Rule of Law and Human Security in Eastern Africa 2016-2021” and the UNODC Strategic Vision for Africa 2030.

Endorsed by the government, the National Plan of Action is designed to meet the specific needs of Ethiopia. It sets out the government’s strategic policies and priorities for joint work planning and signals an expansion of UNODC’s work across five key pillars. Implementation is led by the UNODC Programme Office in Ethiopia situated in Addis Ababa.

The five key pillars and priorities include:

  • Countering transnational crime and trafficking
  • Countering corruption
  • Terrorism prevention
  • Crime prevention and criminal justice and
  • Prevention of drug use, treatment of case of drug use disorders and HIV and AIDS prevention and care.



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Key Partners

UNODC has worked with an increasing presence in Ethiopia since 1995 and has engaged with Ethiopian national authorities to plan and implement activities. The Programme Office in Ethiopia continues to work closely with criminal justice institutions, including the Federal Office of the Attorney General, the Federal Supreme Court, the Federal Police Commission, the Federal Prison Commission as well as the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Women and Children and Youth and the Ethiopian Food and Drug Administration. It also works with counterparts in the regional governments.

UNODC engages with the United Nations Office to the African Union (UNOAU) to leverage regional resources and scale up relations with the African Union, as part of our commitment to Delivering as One.

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