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SDG3 - Good Health and Well Being

sdg3The objective of the Prevention of Drug Use, Treatment and Care of Drug Use Disorders and HIV and AIDS Prevention and Care Programme (Health Programme) is to promote and support the adoption and implementation of comprehensive, evidence-based, gender and youth responsive national and regional responses addressing drug use and HIV prevention, treatment, care and support.

In line with SDG 3, UNODC ROEA has supported Member States to increase access to state-of-the-art information to guide national planning, programming and implementation activities in the fields of drug use prevention, drug dependence, treatment and rehabilitation, access to controlled narcotic drugs and psychoactive substances for medical and scientific purposes, and comprehensive HIV harm reduction services. Additionally, UNODC ROEA has supported Member States to implement and scale-up evidence-based drug prevention, implement and scale-up evidence and science-based drug dependence treatment programmes and to implement and scale-up evidence-based youth and gender-responsive HIV prevention, treatment and care programmes among people who use drugs and among people in prison settings

SDG4 - Quality Education

sdg4Through the education for Justice (E4J) initiative under the Global Programme for the Implementation of the DOHA Declaration, UNODC is supporting schools to promote a culture of lawfulness As an innovative initiative, E4J is designed to support educators and students teaching the next generation to better understand and address problems that can undermine the rule of law thereby contributing to achieving Agenda 2030. UNODC ROEA has so far conducted E4J Workshops in three Counties; Nairobi, Mombasa and Kwale covering a total of six schools.

SDG16 - Good Health and Well Being

sdg16Through the Programme for Legal Empowerment and Aid Delivery (PLEAD), UNODC is supporting the strengthening of administration of Justice in 12 focal counties in Kenya and the use of alternatives to imprisonment. UNODC ROEA is doing this by supporting Key Institutions in the Criminal Justice Chain including; The National Council on Administration of Justice (NCAJ), Kenya Probation and Aftercare Service (PACS), Witness Protection Agency (WPA), Office of the Director of Public Prosecution (ODPP) and the Judiciary.