Virtual Fundraising concert
World Day Against Trafficking in Persons


Date: 30 July
Time: 9 AM PST . 12 PM EST . 6 PM CEST . 9:30 PM IST



Millions of people around the world are victims of human trafficking. They fall into the hands of criminals who are exploiting their vulnerabilities for financial or other gains.

• 7 out of 10 detected victims of human trafficking are women and girls.
• 1/3 of detected victims of human trafficking are children trafficked for sexual exploitation, forced labour and other forms of exploitation.

This phenomenon is far more common than you think. In fact, without even being aware of it, we all might have come across cases of human trafficking.

To support the victims, join the “live virtual concert” on the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons on 30 July. The concert’s host, UNODC Goodwill Ambassador and actress Mira Sorvino, will guide you through the performances of the
“Artists UNited against Trafficking in Persons”

Performing artists and special guests

Mira Sorvino, UNODC Goodwill Ambassador and Actress [Host]
Ghada Waly, UNODC Executive Director
Nadia Murad, UNODC Goodwill Ambassador and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
Ozark Henry, UNODC Goodwill Ambassador and Musician

Adi . AR Rahman . Arts for Justice Collective . BRËZ . Chloe Flower . Dan Davidson . Ellis Hall . Emmanuel Jal . Hoodini . Jane Charles . Jeffrey D. Brown . Joss Stone . Julia Gartha . Leon . Madame Gandhi . Malik Al Nasir . Mayssa Karaa . Monica Dogra . Neeti Mohan . Ozomatli . Patricia Vonne . Ricky Kej . Ruby Ibarra . Rukus Avenue Radio Hosts . Sammy Chand . Satinder Sartaaj . Shor Police (Clinton Cerejo & Bianca Gomes) . Vijay Iyer . Zia Benjamin


Tune in, donate, and support victims of human trafficking.

We ask you to donate the amount of USD 1 to be able to join the concert.

Further donations are also possible here, no matter how small or big the amount, it will all help victims of human trafficking around the world.

All donations will go to the United Nations Voluntary Trust Fund for Victims of Trafficking in Persons, which provides vital assistance and protection to the victims of trafficking through specialized organizations across the globe.

The concert is organized by the UN Voluntary Trust Fund for Victims of Human Trafficking, Especially Women and Children, managed by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), together with the Rukus Avenue Music Group.

UNODC is partnering with Rukus Avenue Music Group

UNODC is delighted to partner with the Rukus Avenue Music Group for this year’s fundraising concert.

In 2017, Rukus Avenue Group partnered with the Trust Fund to release “Music to Inspire”: a triple disc compilation featuring over 75 renowned artists and dignitaries from around the world as a collective fight by the music industry to end human trafficking under the “Artists United Against Human Trafficking” banner. Revenues from the charitable album were donated to the Trust Fund in support of victims.

We particularly thank producer Sammy Chand and project manager Raoul Juneja for joining and supporting the fight to #EndHumanTrafficking.

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