The Global Initiative on primary prevention of substance abuse
The Project
Good Practices


The Training

The WHO was responsible for developing and delivering the training that the Global Initiative provided to our local partners. The training materials were discussed in regional meetings by local trainers who then organized the training of partners at the national level. The training covers basic information about substances, how to conduct a local situation assessment and develop appropriate prevention responses, and how to monitor and evaluate prevention activities. The materials can be downloaded below. However, please note that the materials are the copyright of WHO and that permission to review, abstract, quote, reproduce or translate the materials, in part or in whole, should be sought from the WHO in writing.

Workbook for Project Operators

Facilitator's Guide

The Activities

Our local partners assessed the substance abuse situation in their communities and, on this basis, developed and implemented prevention activities. UNODC coordinated the prevention activities of our local partners in Central and Eastern Europe and in South-east Asia. We promoted activities that are as youth-driven as and as comprehensive as possible. The use of 'comprehensive' here refers to activities that address more than one risk and/or protective factor relevant in a community. A very rough estimate of the number of people reached by the activities of our local partners is 33,300 young people and 8,100 significant adults.

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