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Doctors and Hospitals in Vienna

It is advisable to have a family doctor with whom you can communicate and who, preferably, lives in your neighourhood. The VIC Medical Service can assist you in finding one. In addition you can use the following sources:

The Vienese public telephone directory and the Vienese Yellow Pages (under ärzte) contains an almost complete list of medical doctors and their addresses. General practitioners (praktische ärzte) are listed first, alphabetically within district, followed by specialists, listed by their specialty.

The City of Vienna offers an information system on-line to alleviate the search for doctors in Vienna:

The Vienna Medical Association's Service Department for Foreign Patients can be consulted by staff members and their families for information or advice either in writing or on the phone.

ärztekammer für Wien, Weihburggasse 10-12, Tel: 40-144

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