Islamic Republic of Iran

Iran's anti-narcotics dog capacities continuously enhanced by UNODC

27 June 2011, Kamalshar Karaj - UNODC in the Islamic Republic of Iran joined the Iranian Anti Narcotics Police (ANP) for the inauguration ceremony of a new anti-narcotics dogs training and veterinary facility in the ANP dog sniffing training centre in Karaj.

Present were Chief of Police General Ahmadi Moghaddam; Brigadier General Hossein Abadi, Head of Anti Narcotic Police and Mr. Antonino De Leo, UNODC Representative in the Islamic Republic of Iran.  Joined by the ANP instructors and trainers, visitors had a tour of the centre and visited a 60-seat equipped training classroom, a gathering hall, veterinary pharmacy, a surgery room and a physiotherapy bath.  The capacities of the dogs and handlers were demonstrated through a simulated drug detection operation.  The ANP introduced for the first time a new squad of 40 anti-terrorism dogs fully trained by Iranian instructors.

The ANP dog training centre was established in 1999 with 5 drug detecting dogs donated by the Government of France. In 2001, UNODC started to support developing the centre's capacities. Today, with more than 100 dogs and consequent impressive quantity of drugs seized, it is regarded as a successful anti narcotics hub in the region. In 2010, drug detecting dog units have seized more than 33 tons of different drugs, equal to almost 8% of the total seizures made in the country during the same period.

In a short speech at the end of the ceremony, Mr. Antonino De Leo praised the success of the ANP dog training centre and the dedication of its personnel.  De Leo highlighted UNODC's plan to continue supporting the Centre in the future saying: "I am positively impressed by what I saw today. The drug seizure record of 33 tonnes by the Iranian drug detecting dogs in 2010 is unique in the region. UNODC Iran is proud of having contributed to this Centre through generous funding from Belgium, France, Ireland and Japan".

Since 2008, UNODC in the Islamic Republic of Iran has provided the ANP dog training centre with 40 drug detecting dogs, advanced training of dog handlers, and special vehicles for transportation of dogs. Sub-programme 1 of the new UNODC Country Programme for the Islamic Republic of Iran (2011-2014) foresees to continue such technical support during the next four years.