Islamic Republic of Iran


Tehran Meeting on Preventing and Combating Cybercrime, 26-27 July 2017

Tehran, 26 July - The Iranian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for Legal and International Affairs, Chief Commander of Iranian Cyber Police, Japanese Ambassador in Tehran and UNODC Iran addressed "Tehran Meeting on Preventing and Combating Cybercrime" during its opening session.

The event was held thanks to the generous funding of the Government of Japan to the UNODC Iran Country Partnership Programme. The meeting was attended by one hundred forty senior officials and specialists from Iranian Cyber police, INTERPOL Tehran, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Directorate of Cyber Affairs of General Prosecutor Office, and academia.

The event was planned and programmed in line with objectives of UNODC Country Partnership Programme 2015-2019 in the Islamic Republic of Iran and mandates of the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime and its 3 Protocols. It aimed to strengthen national legislation and institutional capacities on combating various modes of transnational organized crimes on cyber platform, for instance, money laundering, financing of terrorism, human trafficking, smuggling of migrants, etc and promote effective international cooperation. The 2 days high-tech working sessions were classified based on reviewing and brainstorming on: (a) activities of terrorist groups on cyber platform and respective anti-terrorism cyber measures; (b) deep and dark web components; (c) investigation and cyber forensic and (d) international cooperation and joint operations. The listed categories were scrutinized by national speakers and representatives of Japanese United Nations Asia and Far East Institute for Prevention of Crime and Treatment of Offenders; Romanian Computer Security Incident Response Team; Royal Thai Police; Korean National Police University; and UNODC. 

Prior to the event, UNODC Iran planned a closed-door meeting with Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Ambassador Araghchi, Brigadier General Hadiyanfar Chief of Iran Cyber Police, Ambassadors of Japan, Australia and Thailand during which UNODC mandates and programme  in Iran were discussed. Furthermore, the main event was supported by senior representatives of diplomatic missions of Afghanistan, Australia, Bulgaria, China, Denmark, Finland, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, Romania, Spain, Sweden, and Turkey.