Islamic Republic of Iran


United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime in Iran and the Islamic Republic of Iran Judiciary opened new round of talks in the areas of crime prevention and criminal justice


Tehran, 8 December 2021 – The President of the General Inspection Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the UNODC Iran Country Representative met and opened the new round of talks on anti-corruption.

Mr. Zabiyollah Khodaeiyan referred to the Constitution Law of the Islamic Republic of Iran as the main strategic document which structured the General Inspection Organization and the areas of its work. He outlined active positions and roles that his office has in the regional and international organizations, which tackle matters related to anti-corruption, transparency, integrity and ombudsman. He welcomed willingness and readiness of the UNODC Office in Iran to continue the partnership and move towards objectives. He noted the importance of working on the provisions of the United Nations Convention against Corruption and depoliticizing technical aspects of anti-corruption. Addressing the UNCAC as the basis of mutual legal assistance, he believed that its parties should be held accountable for their obligations.

Mr. Alexander Fedulov supported the new initiative of “Judicial Diplomacy”, which has recently been introduced by the Head of the Judiciary and expressed UNODC Iran’s readiness to move forward the technical cooperation in the above-mentioned areas of mutual interest. With the aim to promote further application of anti-corruption preventive policies and to modernize criminal justice measures, he highlighted the importance and the effectiveness of continuing joint collaborations actively.

Reviewing the developments of the UNODC Country Partnership Programme in the Islamic Republic of Iran 2015-2021 and in line with UNODC global strategy, the parties agreed to continue their partnership within the framework of a new long-term document of collaboration, UNODC Country Partnership Programme in the Islamic Republic of Iran 2022 to 2025.


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