Islamic Republic of Iran


UNODC cooperates with Iranian authorities in adoption of the strategic transformation plan on drugs


Tehran, 19 October 2021 – The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in Iran participated in the specialized event organized by the Drug Control Headquarters (DCHQ) of the Islamic Republic of Iran on the issues related to the Islamic Republic of Iran Drug control Headquarters new strategic transformation plan on drugs, and present situation in Afghanistan.

In this event, Mr. Alexander Fedulov, the UNODC Iran Country Representative, presented a speech on cooperation in the field of drug control between UNODC and the Islamic Republic of Iran. He noted that illicit drug trafficking from Afghanistan poses challenges for Iran and at regional and global levels. UNODC recognizes the great contribution of the Islamic Republic of Iran in countering the drug trafficking being at forefront state towards the drug threat. Mr. Fedulov underlined that UN Country team accepts drug control as one of priority for UN assistance in Iran and ready to extend this cooperation.

His Excellency, Dr. Ahmad Vahidi,  Minister of the Interior of the Islamic Republic of Iran, appreciated the UNODC’s support in his speech and requested support from global community and UN to the drug control programmes in Iran. Minister Vahidi also stressed the importance of the joint cooperation against illicit cash flow and organized crime. The importance of devising better laws to address the challenges of drug abuse was highlighted by the Minister of Interior. Mr. Fedulov expressed UNODC’s readiness to extend its support to new initiative on strategic transformation plan on drugs and make reference to current situation in Afghanistan.  Refering to UNDOC’s joint project on drug demand reduction with WHO and UNICEF, he noted that similar activities it would be coordinated with UN agencies in Iran through implementation of joint projects

His Excellency, Dr. Eskandar Momeni, the Secretary General of DCHQ also stated that Iran continues to be in front line of stopping Afghan illicit drug flow entering the country, and its transit to Europe continent. He requested that UNODC, UN country team and international community could upgrade the scales of financial support to drug control programmes in Iran, which would enable the Iranian endeavours in stopping the flow of illicit drugs and psychotropic substances. Dr. Momeni also emphasized on Iran’s policy on expansion of drug prevention, treatment and rehabilitation programmes, which covers the most vulnerable part of the population and noted positive role of UN assistance in this field. 

At the side of the event, UNODC Iran Country Representative met with the Iranian Minister of Interior. The two sides emphasized importance of continuation of partnership in drug control cooperation between Iran and UNODC. Moreover, Mr. Fedulov and Brigadier General Mr. Majid Karimi, Head of Anti-Narcotics Police exchanged on the good cooperation that exists between the two sides and agreed to expand the drug control cooperation through  holding of specialized law enforcement trainings for the Anti-Narcotics police officers. The continued support of UNODC Iran to Anti-Narcotics Police of Iran in provision of training, equipment and sniffing dogs for drug control units was underlined. The excellent drug control operations of Anti-Narcotics Police through significant seizures of illicit drug smuggled from Afghanistan was acknowledged.    


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