Islamic Republic of Iran


UNODC Iran Delivers the Procured Hygiene Items to the Ministry of Health and State Welfare Organization in Tehran


Tehran, 06 March 23 – The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in Iran has procured hygiene items as well as needles and syringes under the gracious funding received from the Kingdom of Norway and Netherlands delivered to the Ministry of Health and State Welfare Organization in Tehran.  

UNODC Iran under its Sub-Programme 3 – “Drug Use Prevention, Treatment, Rehabilitation, and HIV Care” in line with its mission to enhance comprehensive and evidence-based drug use prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and social reintegration, with special emphasis on the high-risk groups, and with the request and in coordination with the Drug Control Headquarters (DCHQ), has continued its efforts to enhance harm reduction support and provision of services to help-seekers, especially women drug users and youth. These efforts are in line with reaching out and engaging drug users in prevention, treatment and care strategies that protect them, their partners and families from infectious diseases, health problems in general, and encourage entry into substance dependence treatment and medical care and rehabilitation.

The procured items were handed over by Mr. Alexander Fedulov, UNODC Iran Country Representative, on 06 March 2023 to representatives from the State Welfare Organization (SWO), and the Ministry of Health (MoH) with the presence of the DCHQ representative. The items consisted of needles and syringes, condoms, and sanitary pads. The items would be dispatched to drop-in-centers (DICs), women's harm reduction centers and other related centers working in the area of harm reduction and prevention. UNODC Iran continues to support the national partners’ efforts in the provision of non-discriminatory harm reduction and prevention measures to reduce the harmful consequences of substance abuse to drug abusers.