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UNODC Iran facilitated a two-day training workshop on drug related data collection and analysis for Iranian experts from the Drug Control Headquarters of the Islamic Republic of Iran


Tehran, 1 May 2018 - UNODC Iran facilitated and organized a two-day training workshop on "United Nations Procedures on Collection and Analysis of National Drug Related Data for UNODC Annual Report Questionnaire (ARQ)" on 23-24 April 2018, in close collaboration with the Islamic Republic of Iran Drug Control Headquarters. Senior officials and experts from the Islamic Republic of Iran Drug Control Headquarters, Prisons Organization and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, involved in the compilation of data for UNODC Annual Report Questionnaires participated in the workshop.

The purpose of organizing this workshop was to discuss data collection and research, and to present an overview of the global drug related data collection systems, namely Annual Report Questionnaire, and its data reporting obligations. This workshop also brought into light the importance of transparent reporting at international level that can reflect Iran efforts in the field of drug supply and demand reduction.

During the opening session, Ms. Angela, Me, Chief of Research and Trend Analysis Branch in UNODC Headquarters in Vienna, Austria, emphasized on the importance of global reporting and stated that drug problem as a transnational problem requires a transnational response, which can be achieved through providing accurate and reliable data. It is of utmost importance for Iran, a party to UN Conventions on drug control and as a neighbor to the biggest illicit producer of opium in the world, to reflect the efforts made to fight drug trafficking through sharing of information at international level.

Topics discussed during the two-day training were, inter alia, overview of the global situation of the drug markets and international monitoring and reporting systems like ARQ and Individual Drug Seizure cases; data collection at international level: coverage, concepts and definition and expectations from member states; ARQ part 3-demand and ARQ part 4-supply.

At the closing session of the workshop, Mr. Rahim Saki, Director General of International Relations Office of the Drug Control Headquarters referred to the need for UNODC's technical assistance for conducting research and survey in Iran. He hoped with UNODC technical assistance, Iran would become a pioneer in data reporting at regional level.



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