Islamic Republic of Iran


UNODC Iran Procures Sewing Machines for Women Empowerment Civil Society Organizations in Tehran and Kerman


Tehran, 25 Oct. 22 – The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in Iran has procured sewing machines and related equipment under the gracious funding received from the Kingdom of Norway to Kerman Women’s Empowerment Center CSO and another CSO in Tehran.

UNODC Iran under its Sub-Programme 3 on “Drug Use Prevention, Treatment, Rehabilitation, and HIV Care” in line with its mission to enhance comprehensive and evidence-based drug use prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and social reintegration, with special emphasis on the high-risk groups, and in coordination with DCHQ, has continued its efforts to support both Tehran and Kerman centres to enhance the level of services provided for help-seekers.

Mr. Alexander Fedulov, UNODC Iran Country Representative, has visited the procured devices warehouse for inspecting and receiving the sewing machines and related items such as industrial ironing devices, electric scissors, embroidery machine, fusing machines, button press machines etc. to be later dispatched to their final destinations. The visit was also attended by the Head of Kerman Women’s Empowerment Center CSO, Dr. Zeinab Vaezi, who was invited to accompany the Country Representative in inspecting the procured items for her CSO. Dr. Vaezi appreciated the support received from UNODC Iran and further discussed the continuation of such support from UNODC Iran with Mr. Fedulov. The Country Representative stated that UNODC Iran, according to its mandate and available budget, welcomes providing technical assistance to CSOs with the aim of supporting national partners in developing technical capacities of similar CSOs in providing all-round services to target population affected by the drugs.

The devices procured for sewing workshops would be installed in Tehran and Kerman centres providing support to recovered women drug users in earning a living and supporting their families and dependents. UNODC Iran supported these centres in a targeted effort to dedicate resources for recovered women with a history of substance abuse. Women drug users face greater social stigma and are generally equipped with fewer resources such as a job, or proper education. Meanwhile, they are responsible for dependent children or other family members which makes their drug use even more complicated. It is therefore crucial to assist them with making a living and consequently their social reintegration.