Islamic Republic of Iran


UNODC Iran Representative and Head of Islamic Republic of Iran Anti-Narcotics Police (ANP) meet, discuss enhancing drug control partnership and cooperation


UNODC Iran Country Representative, Mr. Alexander Fedulov, visiting Iranian Anti-Narcotics Police (ANP) Exhibition at ANP Headquarter

7 May 2018 Tehran - UNODC Iran Representative, Alexander Fedulov and Head of Iran's Anti-Narcotics Police (ANP), Brigadier General Zahedian met and discussed areas of joint interest on drug control and enhancing of two sides' cooperation under the UNODC Iran Country Partnership Programme (2016-2019). Iranian Anti-Narcotics Police is an important counterpart to UNODC Iran in advancing drug control programmes in Iran and an active partner to UNODC regional and international activities.

The visit to the "Central ANP Headquarters in Tehran" included a tour to the "Police Exhibition of Iranian Drug Control Success Stories and Efforts", followed by a visit to the "ANP Drug Laboratory", where possibilities of enhancing Iranian drug Laboratory capacities and further links to UNODC's Laboratory in Vienna was raised and discussed.

The meeting touched base on Iran's ANP search and seizure of drugs; international community funding interest to Iran's drug control programmes; concerns over increasing level of opium cultivation in Afghanistan; intensified flow of drugs through the Balkan route; improving of ANP's drug dog center capacities; and revamping of UNODC's Triangular Initiative among Afghanistan, Iran, and Pakistan.

 Alexander Fedulov emphasised on UNODC Iran's willingness to further strengthen Iranian Anti-Narcotics Police professional skills and enforcement capacities in line with international norms and standards, as well as promoting Iran's drug control role under regional and international platforms.

UNODC Iran Country Representative, Mr. Alexander Fedulov and Head of Anti-Narcotics Police, Brig. General Zahedian, visit to ANP Forensic Laboratory.

UNODC Iran Country Representative, Mr. Alexander Fedulov, discussing technical forensic issues with ANP experts


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