Islamic Republic of Iran


  UNODC organized the workshop on Sustainable Development and Entrepreneurship



28 April 2019 - UNODC Iran organized a two-day participatory workshop on "Sustainable Development and Entrepreneurship" on 24-25 April 2019 in Tehran. This event was made possible through funding of the Australian mission in Tehran. The participants included members of fifteen Non-Government Organizations and Civic Society Organizations active in the field of sustainable livelihood, job creation, women empowerment and entrepreneurship. The workshop benefited from the presence and participation of experts of Drug Control Headquarters of the Islamic Republic of Iran, State Welfare Organization, Tehran Municipality Social Services Department, Young Afghan Entrepreneur Group, and United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) in Tehran.

UNODC Iran Country Representative, Mr. Alexander Fedulov, in his opening remarks introduced Alternative Livelihood and Sustainable Development as the fourth pillar of UNODC Iran Country Programme. He further referred to several research studies conducted under the UNODC Iran Programme in the last few years on Sustainable Development and Job Creation in the border communities of Iran and Afghanistan.

Amongst the topics covered in this two-day workshop were: "review & identify difference between entrepreneurship and job creation"; "usefulness of gap analysis and SWOT analysis in works of the NGOs and CSOs"; "conducting of feasibility studies & needs and capacity assessment",  "recognizing and understanding components of entrepreneurship cycle", "what makes a successful entrepreneur?", "quality management, calculated risk taking, setting entrepreneurship goals, "monitoring and systematic evaluation", "collecting & updating business-related information from key customers and clients", "learning from important influential entrepreneurs approaches and businesses", "promoting and attracting international and local investors in supporting sustainable livelihood and entrepreneurship projects and activities".


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