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Statistical data



There is no official statistics compilation with data on crime in Brazil. However, with the intention of assisting researchers and people interested in the subject, UNODC for Brazil and the Southern Cone organized a compilation with data on homicides in Brazil, from which a historical series from 1980 to 2007 was prepared, including victims' age information.

The information contained in this compilation was generated from official public data on mortality by the DATASUS/Health Ministry, and from their crossing with official public data on population by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE).

The data presented are limited to deaths through assault, in accordance with criteria adopted by the World Health Organization (International Classification of Diseases - ICD, versions 9 and 10).

Homicide numbers and rates in Brazil
Homicide numbers and rates in capitals
Homicide rates by state: Mid-west | Northeast | North | Southeast | Southl
Number of homicides by firearms

External information (in Portuguese)

Brazilian Public Security Forum
Gathers information and studies on crime in Brazil. For instance, the Brazilian Public Security Forum Yearbook (2011) contains recent data on crime and its different aspects in Brazil.

Supreme Federal Court - Statistics
National Justice Council - Annual Report 2010 (activities report)
National Justice Council - Justice in Numbers (data on the judiciary system at federal, state and labour justice levels, such as personnel, expenses, lawsuits and their nature, sentences, among others)

Prison system
Justice Ministry - Brazil Jail Population 2008 (information on quantity and quality of prisoners in Brazil, the penitentiary establishments and similar data)
Justice Ministry (other data on the Brazilian penitentiary system, including information on states and the Federal District)


Argentina (in Spanish)

Criminal Statistics from the Argentinean Ministry of Justice and Human Rights

National Criminal Information System - Annual Report 2008

Annual report of the Previous Alert System - Homicides - 2009

Annual report of the Previous Alert System - Crimes against property - 2008

Annual progress of criminal offences 1991-2008

Number of convictions by offence - 2008

Annual statistics report on the Penitentiary System - 2008

Annual report - Federal Penitentiary System - 2008

Argentina government response to the 10th United Nations Survey on Crime Trends and the Operations of Criminal Justice Systems (in English, with data on various types of offences and criminal law, for the years 2005 and 2006)


ChileChile (in Spanish)

Carabineros of Chile (Chile police Force) - Annual Reports 1997-2010 (data on reported offences)

Annual Justice reports 1998-2010 (data on the judiciary)

Investigation Police - Annual Reports 1998-2010 (data on investigation procedures)

Citizen Safety Surveys 1993-2010 (data on the population perception on security)


ParaguaiParaguay (in Spanish)

Prison and Justice - Statistical Compendium 2009 (data on the judiciary and specific offences)
Annual Statistics Repor - Justice 2009
(data on the judiciary)

Annual Statistics Report - Police and Transport Accidents Statistics 2009
Paraguay government response to the 10th United Nations Survey on Crime Trends and the Operations of Criminal Justice Systems (in English, with data on various types of offences and criminal law, for the years 2005 and 2006)


UruguaiUruguay (in Spanish)

Justice and Public Safety - Uruguay in Numbers 2011 (data on specific crimes and the judiciary system for 2008 and 2009)
Annual Statistics Report 2011 - Social Aspects - Public Safety and Justice (data on processes, most common crimes, crimes against propertyt, police procedures over minors)

Statistics of Judiciary (data on duration of process, annual reports)

Other countries

UNODC promotes, biennially, a survey with UN Member States to gather data on crime and criminal justice - the United Nations Survey on Crime Trends and the Operations of Criminal Justice Systems (UN-CTS), which is available on UNODC headquarters' website, with data from the 1990 decade.

From this survey, UNODC also publishes a compilation of data on homicide for the countries that respond to the CTS.

For countries that did not respond to the CTS, the suggestion is to search directly at each country's justice agencies website. The most common names used by countries for their agencies are:

•    Justice Ministry/Department or Ministry/Department of Justice ( Ministério da Justiça - in Portuguese - and Ministerio/Secretaría de Justicia - in Spanish).

•    Interior Ministry or Ministry of Interior ( Ministério do Interior - in Portuguese - and Ministerio del Interior - in Spanish).




ICOS - International Council on Security and Development

Small Arms Survey

UNICRI - United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute

UNODC Global Youth Network


Biblioteca Online da Escola Nacional de Segurança Pública Sérgio Arouca (ENSP)

CESeC - Centro de Estudos de Segurança e Cidadania

CNJ - Conselho Nacional de Justiça

Comunidade Segura

Fórum Brasileiro de Segurança Pública

Ministério da Justiça - Brasil

Rede Infoseg

Senasp - Secretaria Nacional de Segurança Pública

STF - Supremo Tribunal Federal

STJ - Superior Tribunal de Justiça

Viva Rio


Biblioteca DiGital - Ministerio de Justicia, Seguridad y Derechos Humanos - Argentina

CESC - Centro de Estudios en Seguridad Ciudadana  - Universidad de Chile

División de Seguridad Pública - Gobierno de Chile

ILANUD - Instituto Latinoamericano de las Naciones Unidas para la Prevención del Delito y el Tratamiento del Delincuente

IUFPA - Instituto Universitario de la Policía Federal Argentina

Ministerio de Justicia, Seguridad y Derechos Humanos - Argentina