Law Enforcement Assistance Programme to Reduce Tropical Deforestation (LEAP)

About the programme

LEAP is a partnership between UNODC, INTERPOL, and RHIPTO-Norwegian Center for Global Analyses seeking to share expertise and build global networks to fight illegal deforestation and related crimes. LEAP assists Member States by supporting law enforcement in key countries across Latin America and South East Asia. By providing assistance in the fight against tropical deforestation, LEAP contributes to tackling climate change and to achieving the SDGs.

One global crime

Illegal deforestation is worth 50-152 billion USD per year for organized crime groups. It causes forest degradation, loss of biodiversity, increased corruption, and human rights abuses. Forest loss ultimately accelerates climate change by contributing to an estimated 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Three global organizations

The three organizations supporting LEAP coordinate and collaborate in order to support holistic and sustainable law enforcement advances in priority countries. Key objectives include improving law enforcement capacity, increasing connectivity between countries and agencies, and the successful prosecution of cases related to illegal deforestation.


The UNODC-WCO Container Control Programme (CCP) improves technical capacity in Customs and other relevant law enforcement agencies by delivering specialized training to operational Port Control Units (PCUs), while the Global Programme Against Money Laundering (GPML) trains authorities to identify and investigate financial crimes related to illegal deforestation, and the Global Programme For Strengthening Capacities to Prevent and Combat Organized and Serious Crime (GPTOC) assists national prosecution offices to more effectively investigate and prosecute cases linked to illegal deforestation.


INTERPOL’s Environmental Security Unit facilitates international police cooperation. National Environmental Security Seminars (NESS) and financial investigation trainings take place on a regular basis where needs are identified.


Norway-based NGO RHIPTO utilizes expert data and trend analysis to provide threat network assessments and other tools. UNODC and INTERPOL use these reports to ensure strategic programme design and implementation.

LEAP and the SDG

Through its work, LEAP is committed to supporting Member States to achieve their targets under the SDGs:


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