UNODC and Bolivia launch six-year programme to combat drugs and crime

Photo: UNODC

9 April 2010 - UNODC and the Plurinational State of Bolivia have launched a comprehensive six-year programme to combat drug trafficking, organized crime and corruption.

Projects worth $3.1 million are already being implemented under the Country Programme, overall implementation of which will cost $47.9 million. The Programme comprises six components: integrated development; prevention and treatment; the fight against organized crime; governance and combating corruption; crime prevention and criminal justice; and investigation, analysis and information.

The overall funding amount needed for those six components and for management of the Programme is $44.8 million, to be distributed as follows: (a) $16.4 million for integrated development; (b) $3.7 million for prevention and treatment; (c) $10.4 million for the fight against organized crime; (d) $5 million for governance and combating corruption; (e) $4.6 million for crime prevention and criminal justice; (f) $2.9 million for investigation, analysis and information; and (g) $1.8 million for management of the Programme.

The Programme was presented to high-level authorities and representatives of the international community by David Choquehuanca, Bolivian Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Sacha Llorenti, Bolivian Minister of the Interior. The Country Programme was designed through a participatory process involving relevant Bolivian institutions, technical consultations and international cooperation agencies.

During the presentation, the ministers requested the international community to provide strong support and cooperation and to contribute to the resources required to implement the Programme, appealing to the international principle of shared responsibility. They also praised the cooperation and supporting role of the United Nations in the Plurinational State of Bolivia while highlighting the importance of a strengthened UNODC presence in that country in ensuring the successful implementation of the Programme.

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