Ceremony appoints launch of post special stamp

Foto: UNIS16 April 2010 - At the morning of the sixty day of 12th United Nations Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, representative and authorities reported the launch of a stamp created by the national post office to commemorate the meeting, which it happens for the first time in Brazil. Attended by the National Secretary of Justice, Romeu Tuma Júnior, ONU executive secretary, John Sandage, and Bahia Post Office regional director, Jackson Augusto Gonçalves, among other guests. Everybody stamped and signed cartouche which formalizes stamp as historical collection of state-owned which operates Brazilian postal services.

"Post Office establish a virtual connection to the world, meeting people who doesn´t have easy access to technologies", remembered director on occasion. Lately, guests listened to acknowledgement of Secretary Romeu Tuma Júnior, who highlighted the Congress importance to common support between nations. "International cooperation is the main ingredients to global harmony", summarized the host.


Foto: UNISTo brand first United Nations Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice accomplished in Brazil, Posts have chosen Brazilian symbols as images. On the left, a picture of national flag streaming appears, side by side, to a Brazilian geographic contours image completed for a yellow three. On the right size, appears congress brand on a yellow background, in a simple and harmonic combination.

Source : Brazilian National Justice Secretary

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