Brazilian Ministry of Justice strengthens partnership for the National Registry of Public Utility Entities

August 04, 2010 - The National Secretariat of Justice and the Federal Prosecutor's Office will sign, on Friday,  August 6, a Technical Cooperation Agreement for sharing the database of the National Registry of Public Utility Entities of the Ministry of Justice (CNEs/MJ in Portuguese).
The CNEs / MJ is an electronic system of public utility that has as main purposes the facilitation of communication between state authorities and civil society regarding the use of public resources dedicated to entities, and becoming the gateway for the raising of public resources by the third sector within the government at the federal, state and municipal levels.
It is a new model of monitoring by the State, which uses the control capacity already installed, with the redistribution of responsibilities and tasks.
Through the CNEs / MJ it is possible to monitor and evaluate the use of public resources dedicated to civil society organizations, which facilitates the control by public agencies and other entities and encourages citizens' involvement in monitoring and evaluation of public policies.
Other advantages of CNEs / MJ are the reduction of bureaucracy and the standardization of the data collected, in addition to greater transparency into the processes that require federal qualification.
The UNODC Regional Office for Brazil and the Southern Cone sees the expansion of the use of the system as another initiative that seeks to ensure transparency to the actions of the Brazilian government.

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