National Plan to fight Crack in Brazil will receive U.S. $ 231 million

August 11, 2010 - The Brazilian government will invest USD $231 million to implement immediate actions of the Confrontation Integrated Plan against Crack and Other Drugs. The resources will be allocated to the Ministries of Justice, to implement measures to fight drug trafficking, of Health, to expand the number of beds for hospitalization, of Social Development and Fight Against Hunger, for actions of social reintegration, and to the National Secretariat of Drug Policy, Senad, for prevention actions.
Considered key players in the comprehensive care of drug users, more than 10,000 professionals working in the areas of health and education, as well as community leaders, should begin training courses this month.

Established in May this year, by the Decree 7.179/10, the plan is made up of actions for immediate implementation and structuring actions. Among the immediate enforcement actions the plan highlights those directed toward the countering of drug trafficking throughout the country, mainly in the municipalities located in border regions and the creation of a permanent national mobilization campaign to encourage adherence to the plan. The structuring actions are organized around four areas: integration of prevention efforts, treatment and social reintegration; diagnosis of the situation of the consumption of crack and its consequences; ongoing campaigns of mobilization, information and guidance; and training of human resources and development methodologies.

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