Award encourages actions to prevent STD / AIDS, promote sexual and reproductive health and prevent drug use in schools


23 November 2010 - Next Wednesday, 24/11, the first place winners in the ninth edition of the School Award will be announced. The Award honors the best comics on preventing drug use, teenage pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and AIDS created by public and private school students from around the country. The ceremony of the Award will be held in Sao Paulo, in the "CEU Azul da Cor do Mar" school (Sousa Avenue Ernesto Cruz, 2171, Itaquera district), from 10am to 12pm.

The School Award recognizes the work of educational institutions that implement innovative programs in the area of STD and AIDS, teenage pregnancy and drug use by analyzing the creativity of students from public and private schools from kindergarten to high school.

This year, following the proposal of the previous editions, the award continues to analyze the imagery and the social constructions of students in the universe of public and private schools. The novelty is that the 2010 edition includes the work of early childhood education among the award categories.

Investing in young people

It is known that school is an excellent place to carry out preventive measures, especially when dealing with rights and Reproductive Rights issues, difficult to approach in other contexts.

The Incentive Award to Prevention of STD / AIDS, teenage pregnancy and drug use in schools is a joint initiative of UN agencies in Brazil: UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), UNAIDS (Joint United Nations Programme on HIV / AIDS), UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund), UNICEF (United Nations Fund for Children) and UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime), with the support from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education.

Since its inception, UNESCO has worked to defend human rights and maintain the values of solidarity among people. UNODC promotes the construction of strategies in prevention, aimed at information and knowledge to enable people, especially young people, to develop their skills and have the opportunity to make choices that promote their quality of life. UNAIDS guides, strengthens and supports a broad response to the epidemic worldwide. UNICEF has worked with partners around the world to promote recognition and respect of human rights of children and adolescents. The Department of STD / AIDS and Viral Hepatitis is an area of the Ministry of Health, linked to the Secretariat of Health Surveillance, which operates in several areas such as prevention, care, research and human rights.

In Brazil, UNAIDS, UNESCO, UNFPA, UNICEF and UNODC lead programs in cooperation with the Department of STD, AIDS and Viral Hepatitis of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education which emphasize preventive and educational actions in order to transform the reality due to the epidemic, reducing the risk of infection and improving quality of life. The award is a result of this joint effort of the agencies of the UN System.


Early Childhood Education

School: EME 1 Ronald de Carvalho
Teacher: Maria Aparecida Albuquerque
Student: Luiz Fernando de Araujo Cortinovis, 5 years
Story: Untitled
City: Sao Paulo - SP

Elementary School

School: E.E.E.F. Prof. Aurora Peixoto de Azevedo
Teacher: Bernice de Souza
Student: Driel Silva Ferreira, 14 years
History: Get a grip! Pregnancy has time!
City: Porto Alegre - RS

School: School of Basic Education and Training Foundation Bradesco - Savior School
Teacher: Cris Forster
Student: Deborah dos Santos, 13 years
Story: Untitled
City: Salvador - BA

School: State School Prof. Manuel F. Freire
Teacher: Maria Oliveira Barbosa
Student: Ramires Catarinne of S. P., 10 years
History: Guidance is Everything
City: Aracaju - SE

High School

School: E.E.E.F.M "Oscar Emilio Hülle"
Teacher: Gilles Lucilia
Student: Leonir Pinco, 16 years
Story: Untitled
City: Marechal Floriano - ES

School: E.E. Prof. Maria de Oliveira Lellis Ito
Teacher: Daisy Albuquerque Moura
Student: Marcel Amorim Lopes, 17 years
History: Everything has a first
City: Mairinque - SP

School: State School Mayor Pedro de Balbino
Teacher: Ana Angélica Alves dos Santos
Student: Magno Santos de Jesus, 16 years
History: Crack ... Banish that Stone
City: Taking the Geru - SE

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