New United Nations public service award category on corruption

09 December 2010 - Tomorrow, 9 December is International Anti-Corruption Day. Corruption plagues effective governance, discourages investment, obstructs progress towards poverty alleviation and hampers development. Corruption also fuels poor public service delivery, severely harming individuals, communities and society as a whole. A heightened focus on improving integrity in public service is therefore critical in the fight against corruption.

Recognizing the need to make public administration accountable and effective, UNODC and the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA) have agreed to collaborate to establish and manage a new category of the United Nations Public Service Awards, one of the most prestigious recognitions of excellence in public service worldwide. The new category, entitled "Preventing and combating corruption in the public service", will empower the two partners to collect, disseminate and, where possible, replicate noteworthy programmes and practices of Governments to foster integrity in public service.

This partnership aligns the missions of the Division for Public Administration and Development Management of UNDESA and UNODC in the areas of integrity, accountability and transparency. It will encourage higher standards of public conduct and promote greater awareness of the importance of tackling corruption in order to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.

By highlighting exemplary models and promoting excellence and creativity in the sphere of anti-corruption, the joint initiative will also enhance the ability of States to ensure that public funds are used to improve the quality of life through the delivery of basic services.

"The United Nations Convention against Corruption, which UNODC is mandated to promote, attaches great importance to the prevention of corruption in the public sector. Joining efforts with UNDESA will enable UNODC to foster implementation of crucial measures of the Convention while capitalizing on one of the most prominent recognitions of excellence in public service delivery", said Dimitri Vlassis, Chief of the Corruption and Economic Crime Branch of the Office.

Member States of the United Nations are encouraged to submit their practices in preventing and fighting corruption in the public service by 31 December 2010.. The most successful and innovative entry will receive the UN Public Service Award on 23 June 2011, the UN Public Service Day.

To view the initiative flyer, information on eligibility requirements, submission, selection criteria and previous Awards, please visit the  UN Public Service Awards website.


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