Brazilian youth elects violence and safety as priorities for global development agenda

Meu Mundo26 March 2013 - For Brazilian youth, reduction of violence and public safety are among the top three priorities that should be at the top of the global development agenda. Decreasing impunity and a greater investment in institutions for young offenders also appear among the recommendations made by Brazilian youth.

The findings are part of the report The Global Conversation Begins, presented by the UN last week with preliminary results of the My World survey, which allows citizens around the globe to define priority themes in order to build a future global development agenda. Among the 191 countries that have participated in the survey so far, Brazil is the leader with about 9,000 votes online, ahead of the United States, United Kingdom, Mexico and Spain.

The report was presented to more than 100 Member States representatives, who will negotiate this agenda based on both the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) - targets agreed by countries to be achieved by 2015 - and the outcomes of Rio +20. The report will also be presented to the High-Level Panel for Post-2015 Development Agenda during a meeting in Indonesia this week.

In Brazil, national consultations involving organizations, associations and movements of civil society, private sector, government and scientific community can be completed until 31 March, but the public can continue to participate - learn more at

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