Paraguayan delegation participates on course about measures and anti-corruption policies in Panama

Asunción, 18 November 2014 - A delegation comprising 14 representatives of Paraguay including officials of state institutions of transparency and anti-corruption units and of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in Paraguay, will in Panama city (Panama), between the 18 and 21 November, to participate on the course Management of anticorruption measures and policies: a preventive approach, which will be conducted by an international expert on corruption Dr. Fréderic Boehm.

The event will take place at the Regional Anti-Corruption Academy for Central America and the Caribbean (ARAC) and aims to strength the technical capacity of civil servants and public servants to develop their activities and the fulfillment of the goals set in the context of promotion and implementation of policies and measures to prevent corruption, improve control mechanisms and promote transparency.

Among the topics that will be discussed during the conference, it can be highlighted a historical overview of the fight against corruption, the development of core concepts related to the topic and a methodology based on the sectorial anticorruption approach, diagnostic mechanisms of corruption, logical and other tools.

The representatives are, for the Attorney General´s Office, Gustavo Ramón Sánchez; General Audit Executive, Juan José Baiardi; Ministry of Interior (MI), María de los Angeles Arriola; Ministry of Finance (MoF), Maria del Carmen Benitez, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), Miguel Angel Romero; National Anticorruption Department (Senac), Maria Gabriela Mariño, Victor Caceres and Ariel Ojeda; National Anti-Drug Secretariat (Senad), Gustavo Alfredo Insfrán; Secretariat of Public Function (SFP), Rodney Cano; Ministry of Information and Communication (SICOM), Laura Rolon Bethlehem; National Cement Industry (INC), Juan Jose Machuca; and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) Paraguay, Norberto Gamarra.

Dr. Frédéric Boehms is an economist from the U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre and an associate expert for the Regional Service Center for Latin America and the Caribbean, created to promote and develop the capacity of public and private sector and civil society on the prevention and fighting against corruption, such as providing technical assistance in the field.

This course is organized and funded by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) Paraguay in the framework of the implementation of the National Integrated Program "Strengthening the Rule of Law, Security and Justice in Paraguay" which is implemented in collaboration with state institutions since 2011.

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