UNODC takes over the presidency of the UN Expanded Theme Group on HIV/AIDS (GT/UNAIDS)


Brasilia, 9 December, 2014 - The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) took over yesterday, in Brasilia, the presidency of the Expanded Theme Group UN on HIV/AIDS (GT/UNAIDS), for the 2015- 2016 period.

According to Rafael Franzini, Representative of the UNODC Liaison and Partnership Office in Brazil, taking over the presidency of the GT/UNAIDS is a personal commitment, beyond the institutional. "We have our work with two key populations to the issue of HIV: people deprived of their freedom and people who use drugs. So it is certainly an honor for UNODC to lead this GT and a great opportunity for our office to develop a work even more proactive in the field of HIV," said Franzini.

The United Nations Expanded Theme Group on HIV/AIDS (GT/UNAIDS) in Brazil was established in 1997. Since then, it develops actions to support and strengthen a multi-sectorial national response to the epidemic in order to achieve the goals of universal access to prevention, treatment, care and support. During its history, the GT/UNAIDS has established itself as a mechanism for coordination and joint action of the UN system in the country. The GT is today, in Brazil, the largest and oldest group of interagency cooperation. Unlike what happens in many other countries, the GT / UNAIDS in Brazil also incorporates bilateral agencies and members of civil society, and a set of various actors of the federal government.

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