Preventing crime to build sustainable development: Crime Congress 2015


Vienna, 2 April 2015 - Every five years policy-makers and practitioners working in crime prevention and criminal justice gather for the United Nations Crime Congress to help shape the agenda and standards of the UN in this area. The Thirteenth Crime Congress being held in Doha, Qatar, from 12-19 April 2015 marks the 60th anniversary of these meetings and is set to consider how best to integrate these important areas into the United Nations' global work in addressing social and economic challenges.

The Crime Congress is the world's largest and most diverse gathering of Governments, civil society, academia and experts in crime prevention and criminal justice. For the past six decades the congresses have had an impact on policies and strengthened international cooperation against the global threat of transnational organized crime.

As a global forum, UN Crime Congresses enable the exchange of information and best practices among States and professionals working in this field. This year, the Crime Congress will focus on four areas:

  • Successes and challenges in implementing comprehensive crime prevention and criminal justice policies and strategies to promote the rule of law nationally and internationally and to support sustainable development;
  • International and regional cooperation to combat transnational organized crime;
  • Comprehensive and balanced approaches to prevent and adequately respond to new and emerging forms of transnational crime; and
  • National approaches to public participation in strengthening crime prevention and criminal justice.

Find out more by visiting the UN Crime Congress website and join the conversation by using #CrimeCongress on social media.

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