Youth Ambassadors Programme - testimony of the representative of the Brazilian delegation on the ECOSOC's Youth Forum


Brasilia, 12 August 2016 - By virtue of a partnership between the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and the Caixa Seguradora, the Youth Ambassadors Programme, launched last Friday, 5 August,  its notice.

The programme is an opportunity to introduce the 20 young selected persons within the field of international relations to the role of the United Nations (UN), creating a space for discussion and appropriation of the young person on the elaboration of themes that relate to youth. Who would better talk about it rather than a person who has gone through the international experience of being a Youth Ambassador?

The representative of the Brazilian delegation in the ECOSOC's youth forum (Economic and Social Council), Ruth Itunu Adewonuola, states that she had the opportunity of participating on a forum where she could aggregate knowledge and experience from other young persons, from all over the world.

According to her, "that experience was very enriching, as I was able to share my vision of the world along with the desires and agendas of marginalised youth".

Nigerian, but living in Brazil with her family since the age of three, the young woman is now 22 years old and lives in Ceilandia. In 2012, she has also been the representative of the Youth Expression Program in a UNODC conference.  "Besides the unique opportunity, it was also decisive on my choice for a university degree", adds the young woman, who is currently studying International Relations.

The notice and other information about the Youth Ambassadors Programme may be accessed through the following link:

Registration ends on  26 August.

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