Paraguay promotes dialogue with civil society organizations


Asunción, 13 September, 2016 - The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) held a day of dialogue with representatives from several civil society organizations that address the subject of drugs, such as Fe y Alegría, Remar Paraguay, PREVER, Enfoque Territorial, JOPACAD (Paraguayan youth and professionals against Drug abuse) (Jovens e Profissionais Paraguaios contra o abuso de Drogas) and CIRD ( Centre for Information and Resources for Development), in order to socialize on activities and discuss the current situation on Drugs in Paraguay.

The UNODC Program Coordinator, Norberto Gamarra, began the activity emphasizing the importance of active participation of CSOs in the development of policy, National Strategy and Action Plan and acknowledged that this activity is carried out at the request of the government.

The participants agreed on the importance of joint actions and of reaching an agreement on the speech of the work they do and identify that the main problem for the continuation and sustainability of programs and actions they perform is the lack of budget.

During the activity, it was agreed a guide for consultations and set a delivery deadline. This exploits the population characterization, licit and illicit drugs, problematic consumption, current programs, achievements and recommendations. 

Then, after review and consolidation of all the information, there will be a second report of the validation meeting in order to include it in the Situational Diagnosis on Drugs in Paraguay.

This is the first advisory body of work undertaken and it is expected that the final product will be presented in December.

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