Coordinators of the "Transformando Destinos" project visit UNODC


Brasilia, September 21, 2016 - Launched in May 2015, the "Transformando Destinos" project (Transforming Destinies) has been designed by the Ministério Público do Rio Grande do Norte - MPRN (Public Ministry of Rio Grande do Norte) in order to act in a coordinated institutional way with strategic actions of coping the misuse of drugs and has as managers the Operational Support centers of Prosecutors (CAOPs) for Citizenship, Criminal, Children and Youth and Health, as well as a partnership with the Association of the Public Prosecutors of Rio Grande do Norte (AMPERN), sponsored by the Energy Company Rio Grande do Norte (COSERN) and has strong support from the National Secretariat for Drug Policy (Senad).

The project aims primarily to present concrete coping strategies to face the misuse of drugs, from integration of public and private entities and is based under three main headings work: prevention, treatment and repression, with the following action points:

  • trigger actions in schools for better understanding by everyone about the risks and data from drug abuse;
  • mobilize society to assume its responsibilities in fighting the drug abuse;
  • ensure the effective operation of the Municipal Councils on drug policies;
  • structure and expand social and health care networks to better host the chemically dependent and their families;
  • reduce the supply of drugs in the territories of the municipalities served.

During the meeting, it was discussed the possibility of partnership between MPRN and UNODC in areas of health (prevention of drug use and treatment for people who use drugs) and public security related to drug trafficking.

The coordinators of the project, Luciana da Assunção and Iara Albuquerque, met with the UNODC Representative, Rafael Franzini, and the Analyst of the Health and Development Programme Unit, Francisco Cordeiro, at the UNODC headquarters in Brasilia.

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