UNODC and CGU discuss alternatives to combat corruption

Brasilia, 14 November, 2018 - Education as a tool for confronting corruption in Brazil. This was one of the topics discussed during a meeting held today (14) with the UNODC regional representative, Rafael Franzini, and the minister of Transparency, Inspection and General Comptroller of the Union (CGU), Wagner Rosário. UNODC program analyst, Eduardo Pazinato, and CGU's Federal auditor of Finance and Control, José Ilo Rogerio de Holanda, also attended the meeting.

Wagner Rosário and Rafael Franzini discussed the importance of fostering a change in ethical culture and the transforming role of education as a strategic factor in this process.

The minister mentioned the efforts being made by CGU towards producing didactic-pedagogical material to be shared with students of the public primary and secondary schools in Brazil.

UNODC and CGU have a long-standing partnership and intend to create a project in Education, that aims to develop applied studies in the field of compliance, corporate integrity and confronting corruption practices.

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