IRS locates 581 kg of cocaine in export cargo at Port of Santos

The IRS Customs at the Port of Santos on Monday, August 26, located 581 kg of cocaine in a cargo about to be exported to Europe.

This is a bagged polypropylene cargo grouped in eight 40-foot containers to the Antwerp Port in Belgium.

One of the containers was selected by the Customs Team through objective risk analysis criteria, including non-intrusive inspection (X-ray).

During its inspection, which was attended by the IRS's scent dogs, inside, after the sixth row from the door, 23 recycled raffia bags containing several tablets wrapped in plastic material and covered with lubricant were found, totaling 581 kg of cocaine.

Due to the characteristics observed in the action, it is suspected that the criminal technique called "rip-off modality" occurred, in which the drug is inserted in a licit load without the knowledge of exporters and importers.

The drug intercepted by the IRS was handed over to the Santos Federal Police Station, which will continue investigations based on information provided by Customs. 

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