UNODC promotes theoretical training on forest crimes and illegal timber trafficking

Brasilia, 13 august 2021 – UNODC Brazil held an online theoretical training workshop on forest crimes and illicit trade of timber, in addition to an interagency meeting to support cooperation between relevant agencies, under the framework of the Container Control Programme (CCP) and Law Enforcement Assistance Programme to Reduce Tropical Deforestation (LEAP). The event took place from 9 to 12 August 2021.

The theoretical training was focused on building capacity for officers of Brazil’s Federal Highway Police (PRF), an important agency for interdicting illicit timber on key routes from harvesting areas to export and processing nodes. UNODC experts discussed crucial topics, including risk assessment, wood identification, and key documents, and carried out exercises incorporating document fraud detection and wood identification.

The interagency meeting, which included participants from Brazil Customs (RFB), Federal Police (PF), Federal Highway Police (PRF) and IBAMA, focused on trafficking trends and document fraud. The United States Fish and Wildlife Service also presented on the key findings of recent investigations regarding U.S. imports of timber from Brazil, while the Federal Highway Police discussed document fraud in Pará state, where a high volume of timber trafficking occurs.


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