Building Capacity in Combating Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism

An effective and comprehensive strengthening of the anti-money laundering and financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) capacity in the region would serve as a disincentive to the growing serious threats posed by organised crime and terrorism to peace and security in the region. Hence, UNODC considers that such capacity building in the region represents an integral programme area that underpins its programmatic response across all fields of organised crime, trafficking, terrorism, and drug production.

The broad objective of the UNODC Global Programme against Money-Laundering is to strengthen the ability of Member States to implement AML/CFT measures and to assist them in detecting, seizing and confiscating illicit proceeds, as required, pursuant to United Nations instruments and other globally accepted standards, by providing relevant and appropriate technical assistance upon request.

The aforementioned programme includes the following main pillars :

  • Drafting and reviewing of AML/CFT national legislation, including the legislation dealing with the detection,¬†freezing, seizing and confiscation of the proceeds of crime, terrorists funds and assets;
  • Equipping national competent authorities with the appropriate legal/institutional/administrative and operational framework that provides the necessary duties, powers and sanctions;
  • Assisting¬†national competent authorities and other relevant sectors in the implementation of AML/CFT measures to ensure greater compliance with recognized international standards;
  • Developing a comprehensive training curriculum aiming at supporting capacity building in the AML/CFT field; and
  • Developing an efficient judicial system that ensures that judicial verdicts/decisions are properly enforced.

Ongoing Projects

Supporting Measures to Combat Corruption and Money Laundering and to Foster Asset Recovery in Egypt (EGYX49)

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