Combating Illicit Trafficking, Organized Crime and Terrorism

Due to its strategic location and comparatively weak control measures in some of the countries in the region, illicit activities related to the trafficking of drugs and crimes associated with it, firearms and human beings and migrant smuggling are expanding in the region, and bringing increasing profits to international and local criminal organisations.

Border controls and cooperation between the countries remains inadequate, and interventions to prevent further development of organized crime, smuggling and drug trafficking require the development of strong and effective controls along the countries' borders.

In this situation, the objective of preventing illegal trafficking activities and dismantling criminal organizations acquires particular importance. A major obstacle is that cross-border cooperation and coordination among the Member States of the region and between its subregions remains weak. Consequently, border control and the related legal instruments have been placed as a top priority to counter the increasing illicit trafficking in the region.

In this respect, ROMENA continues to target human trafficking and migrant smuggling, terrorism prevention and money laundering and financing of terrorism.

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