UNODC Regional Representative

Ms. Cristina Albertin

Ms. Cristina Albertin (national of Germany) served as Representative of the UNODC Country Office for Nigeria, in Abuja since 2016. In the course of a UN career spanning 26 years, Ms. Albertin has held several positions in different capacities in various locations. Since joining UNODC in 1994 as Assistant Representative of the UNODC Country Office in Peru, she has held various positions within the Organization, including Representative of the UNODC Regional Office in South Asia, based in New Delhi, India; Representative of the UNODC Country Office in the Plurinational State of Bolivia; Chief of the Latin American and Caribbean Section in Austria; and Programme Manager for South America in Austria. Before joining UNODC, she was an Assistant Project Officer with the World Food Programme in La Paz.

She has extensive practical experience in developing, negotiating, and supervising the implementation of UNODC technical assistance programmes, as well as in forging and maintaining close partnership arrangements with all relevant stakeholders.

Ms. Albertin holds a Bachelor's  Degree in Agricultural Sciences from the Technical University Munich, Germany; a Master's Degree in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences from the Justus-Liebig-University, Giessen, Germany; and Post-graduate studies from the German Development Institute in Berlin, Germany.