Meet the Staff 

Office of the Regional Representative 

Cristina Albertin, Regional Representative  

Mirna  Bouhabib, Deputy Regional Representative 

Essraa Soliman, Executive Associate to Regional Representative 

Ihab El Minabbawy, Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Expert 

Caroline Carnbring, Reporting and Project Development Officer

Nermine Abdelhamid, Communication and Visibility Officer 

Mariam Salim, Communication and Visibility Intern 

Programme Coordination and Analysis Unit 

  • Anti-Corruption Programme 

Mona Salem,  Regional Project Coordinator

Mahmoud Abou Bakr Ahmed, Project Associate

Selim Zarif, Project Associate

  • Anti-Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling Programme

Harsheth Virk, Programme Coordinator

Dina El Sherbiny, Programme Associate

Merna Ashraf, Programme Associate

Mae Hemeda, Consultant

Neveen Salah, National Project Officer

Amira Hussein, National Project Officer 

  • Border Control Programme 

Aymeric Salamone, Programme Coordinator, Land Border Control 

Engy Hammouda, Programme Associate, Land Border Control

May Naguib, Project Associate, Land Border Control

Iman Soliman, National Project Officer, Land Border Control

Dina Fayad, Project Coordinator for MENA, Airport Communications Project (AIRCOP)

Dina Mokbel, Project Associate,  Airport Communications Project (AIRCOP)

Mohamed Baraka,  Drug Control and Crime Prevention Officer, Container Control Programme (CCP)

  • Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Programme

Mirna Bouhabib, Programme Officer

Yomna Abou Hussein, National Programme Officer

Noor Almadani, Consultant

Farah ElGuindy, Consultant

Salah Samuel, Technical Assistant

Moushira Saleh, National Programme Officer

Sara Yousef, Administrative Assistant

Mayssam Zaky, Administrative Assistant 

Zeina Nasser, Intern 

Emilie Dael Causse, Intern 

Alienor Gilistro, Intern 

  • HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care Programme

Tariq Sonnan,  Programme Officer

Raghda Mohsen, Project Associate

Mahmoud Elhabiby,  National Project Officer 

  • Terrorism Prevention Programme

Ali Younes,  Regional Advisor

Mostafa Darwish Eldoush, Programme Associate

Hagar Farag, Consultant

  •  Cybercrime Programme

Patrick Boismenu, Programme Officer

Mostafa Ibrahim Elbanna, National Project Officer

Nada Farrag, Project Associate

  •  Forensics Programme 

Stephanie Caubet, Programme Officer


Sojan Vattapally, Operations Manager 

Yasmine Shafick, Programme Associate

Mona Gamal, Finance Associate

Dalia Ahmed, Finance Assistant

Heba Aloush, Human Resource Associate 

Heba Bahnassy, Human Resources Assistant

Reem Kamel,  Procurement Associate

Mohamed Mahmoud , ICT Associate 

Hani Ahmed,  Messenger/Archivist          

Ahmed Shazly, Driver  

Khaled Souliman, Driver 

Programme Offices  


  Algiers, Algeria   


Samia Chouchane, Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Officer

Khadidja Larab, Project Assistant 


  Baghdad, Iraq  


Head of Office, Ali El Bereir, Programme Coordinator

Martin Reeve, Programme Officer, GLO.ACT 

Hussein El Hares, Project Associate, GLO.ACT  


  Amman, Jordan


Head of Office, Amjad Al-A'darbeh, Programme Manager 

Haneen Al-Mawajdeh, Senior Programme Assistant, Rule of Law 

Joseph Khattar, Programme Officer, Container Control Programme (CCP)

Khaled Al-Khasawneh, National Programme Officer, CCP

Mahmoud Frehat, National Project Officer, Integrated Border Management (IBM) 

Dina Kattan, National Programme Officer, Rule of Law 

Kim Hysoub, Project Support Officer, GMCP


   Beirut, Lebanon


Head of Office, Renee Sabbagh, Programme Specialist, Prison Reform

Rita Raidy, System Analyst, Prison Reform

Lamya Bawab, Project Assistant, Prison Reform

Lamia Farhat, Project Associate, Criminal Justice and Prison Reform

Wolfgang Aigner, Programme Coordinator, Container Control Programme (CCP)

Ayla El Ghaziri, Project Assistant, CCP

Mira Abou Chakra, Finance Assistant, CCP

Mohamed Baderldine, Clerk/Driver 


    Tripoli, Libya 


Head of Office, Urwah Alhabahbeh

Nabil Abuamer, National Project Coordinator, HIV/AIDS

Astrid Leao, Junior Professional Officer 

Abdulrahim Alabani, Driver/Protocol Clerk


    Rabat, Morocco


Head of Office, Siham Al Figuigui, Programme Officer

Sara Bentefrit, National Project Officer, Anti-Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling 

Loubna Bounoua, National Project Officer, Health in Prison 

Mostapha Mouzouni, Senior Law Enforcement Expert 

Younes Moujane, Project Associate, Anti-Corruption and Anti-Money Laundering

Zahrae El Youbi, Project Assistant, Anti-Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling 


 East Jerusalem, Palestine


Khaldoun Sabri Oweis, Coordination Officer

Mutasem Awad, National Project Manager

George Bullata, National Project Assistant

Daria Yaksen, Reporting and Project Development Officer 


   Khartoum, Sudan


Head of Office, Binija Goperma, Programme Coordinator  

Eltahir Eltahir, National Programme Officer, Anti-Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling

Ola Elmagboul, Project Assistant, Anti-Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling


   Tunis, Tunisia


Julie Astoul, Research Officer 

Sadok Ben Rejeb, National Program Officer, Criminal Intelligence Analysis

Bogdan Becirovic, Research Consultant 

Dhafer Ben Ghrissa, National Project Officer, Prison Reform 

Caroline Burgers Mailhot, Training Officer, Criminal Intelligence Analysis

Faiza Thabet, Programme Assistant

Asma Kauoech, National Project Officer, Forensics 

Andrea Michelini, Consultant, Anti-Human Trafficking & Migrant Smuggling 

Yassine Kalboussi, National Consultant, HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care 

Haifa Zouari, National Project Officer (Administrative Officer) 

Laetitia Portet,  Associate Research Officer, Criminal Intelligence Analysis

Fatma Ben Mrad, National Project Officer (Administrative Officer) 

Sabri Othmani, Senior Driver/ Administration Clerk


     Aden, Yemen 


Head of Office, Josefina Otero, Programme Officer, Global Maritime Crime Programme (GMCP)