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Ms Simone Monasebian, Director

Mr Matteo Pasquali, Deputy Representative

Ms. Yu Ping Chan, Special Policy Advisor

Ms. Anne Beckman, Administrative Assistant


1) Represents UNODC at UN Headquarters by monitoring developments in and interacting with:

  • Work with the UN Secretariat, GA's Committees, ECOSOC, and other UN bodies to coordinate policies and to ensure inclusion of UNODC priorities in broader UN policies;
  • Represent UNODC in inter-agency and other meetings related to UNODC drugs and crime related mandates, such as UN operations in Afghanistan, UNDG Working Groups, HIV/AIDS, UN Reform Process, ECPS, EC-ESA etc.; make interventions on behalf of UNODC; coordinate inputs and pursue appropriate follow up activities;
  • Prepare and deliver presentations within the UN, NGO, and academic communities to generate interest in the UNODC and its program priorities;
  • Develop and implement strategies promoting UNODC program objectives and accomplishments to key U.S.-based audiences;
  • Develop and leverage relationships with key Permanent Missions, intergovernmental agencies, media, and NGOs to promote UNODC themes and to create support for UNODC initiatives;
  • Facilitate and promote contacts with key U.S. government officials;
  • Arrange press conferences and launches of key UNODC publications; develop media advisories and media materials

2) Develops and maintains partnerships with U.S. based entities including:

  • U.S. Government institutions (including the State Department, the Office of National Drug Control Policy, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the National Institute for Drug Abuse, and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration);
  • Private corporations (e.g. the Rand Corporation) and foundations (e.g. Smithers Foundation);
  • Academic institutions (e.g. Harvard University, John Hopkins University, John Jay College of Criminal Justice);
  • Non-governmental organizations (such as the Open Society Institute and the Asia Institute) and think tanks (such as the Brookings Institution and the Council on Foreign Relations);
  • The media (including The New York Times, CNN, NPR and ABC News);
  • Inter-agency groups, such as UNDG;
  • Bretton Woods Institutions.

3) Advocates and conducts campaigns to raise awareness regarding worldwide UNODC events

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