List All NGOs

This displays a list of all NGOs in the database by Name and Acronym. The List can be restricted to filter NGOs whose name or acronym meet a certain search string. To do so, input the string in the search field and press ENTER or click on "Search". For more sophisticated search features click on the "Advanced Search" link.

Clicking on an NGO's name brings up its Detail Page. On the Detail Page all information visible to your role is displayed. If you have sufficient rights, buttons are displayed for editing and deleting the NGO. Depending on your role the changes are stored directly in the database or are made on working copies that have to be approved by an NGO Manager. Your changes and working copies can be reviewed under "Show My Changes".

If you have sufficient rights you are presented an Edit link next to each NGO entry that takes you to the Edit Page of that NGO.

Advanced Search

Here you can search the NGO Database for NGOs meeting certain search criteria. All criteria are AND connected. After submitting the search criteria, a list of NGOs is displayed meeting the given criteria. You can click on an NGO's name to be taken to its Detail Page. On the top of the Detail Page you can click the navigation buttons to cycle through the search results list.