Asociacion Civil Pro Nino Intimo (ACPNI)

ECOSOC Status: None
Type: NGO working on Drugs
Address: Av. Perú2491, 3er. Piso
Lima 31,
Country: Peru
Region: Latin America
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  • Education
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With more than 1400 kids in five "Sport and Life" schools and hundreds of children involved in other street football tournaments, Escuelas Deporte y Vida (a programme of Pro Niño Intimo ) teach and promote the values of solidarity, social cohesion and team spirit in Lima and across Peru. Through their enthusiasm for football, disadvantaged children and young people are motivated to learn for school. The schools achieve a positive re-integration of the children in the educative system, reaching a drop-out rate of 0% and are forming young leaders recognised on a local scale and in neighbourhood communities. Tutors help with their homework; there are theatre, music and dance courses as well as opportunities for psychological care and food aid. The number of local street football leagues has been increasing rapidly since 2000, including short tournaments and weekly league play for youth teams.
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